26.02.2021 Charles Vaughan

Featuring Allysha Joy
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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life, to escape Planet Earth’s sounds of guns, anger and frustration, please join me."

Welcome to a brand new show broadcasting to the world from Melodic Distraction Radio, hosted by Charles Vaughan (Worldwide FM / Balamii). Each show will take you on a transcendental journey, traversing the musical unknowns to connect energies and bodies through good music played loud. Come as you are, enter our house and join the spiritual outer space voodoo dancing. Loves Saves The Day.

Joining Charles from down under is legendary vocalist and sonic expressionist Allysha Joy, frontwoman of the 30/70 collective. Their conversation focuses on vulnerability in music, her process and her music as an expression of her experiences. Alongside this new music from across the globe alongside two IDs of the month.


Voilaaa – Water No Get Enemy feat. Pat Kalla
Joao Selva – Navegar
Azah Kamal – Maadna Bkra (Moving Still & Tjade Edit)
Jessy Lanza – Baby Love (Kate NV Remix)
Delfonic & Kapote – Pray Rejam

Charles Maurice (Favorite Recordings) Interview & Mix
The Matheus Combo – Aderico
Otroshakers – Siempre Tu
Christer Norden – Impulse
Y. Rioland : M. Goldfeder – Tension
Michael Hankinson – Images
George Sauma JR. – Tudo Termino
Alan Shearer – The Flea Age
Beverley Skeete ‎– Warm
Ghalib Ghallab – Minnesota Lites
Sharnell Morton – You Are My Guiding Star
Phoebe Cates – Feels So Good (Feels So Right)
Marina Lima – Grávida

Vipertime – LIMBS
unknown artist 001 – clearcutter
Shadow Child – love – Crystl

ID of The Month
siema ziemia – 3TONY

New Releases
Kode9 – Rona City Blues
HomeSick – Like This 2020
Special Request – Quiet Storm (Tim Reaper Remix)
Emanative & Liz Elensky – Tea Leaf Dancers
Cody Currie feat. Eliza Rose – Moves
Tycho – For How Long (Harvey Sutherland Remix) (feat. Saint Sinner)
Bokani Dyer – Ke Nako