23.02.2022 Caustic Soda

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  • FOLK

Caustic Soda is the radio project from long standing station chum, Tom Lye. It’s the first venture of his into some sort of legit deejay alias which, having been lingered on for a while, has now finally stuck.

The show will run through contemporary club sounds informed and in conversation with the clubs, labels and artists at the forefront of such spaces. From sludgy dancehall and brash hip hop to rippling proto-jungle and left field techno, Caustic Soda dives headfirst into the pitch key with the haphazardness and risk of any half-decent corrosive substance.


Leo James – There’s No Trauma Here In Space, But You’re Welcome to Cry If You Want To
SSIEGE – Meteora
Dialect – Half Moon
Coil – Alternative Theme From Gay Man’s Guide To Safer Sex (OST)
Ghia – Keep Your House In Disorder
Moin – Murphy
Oneohtrix Point Never – Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys
Verner – The Motion Pictures
Paddy McKeown – On The Rings of C Natural
Vanishing Twin – Wider Than Itself
G.S. Schray – Two Pals Glowing
Adela Mede – Gyöngyvirág
The Pale Fountains – Unless
Simon Fisher Turner – Shine Up
Careless Hands – Turning