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14.09.2022 Brutal Waves

Alex Sinclair
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Brutal Waves is a genre defying exploration of modern classical, dark ambience and left field electronica from London based Alex Sinclair. 

This month Brutal Waves explores the spare and spacial sounds with a Japanese ambient focused show.


Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Space
Toshi Tsuchitori – Ishiura (Abridged)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Walker
Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Park (Ensemble)
Akira Ito – Praying For Mother Earth Part 1
Susumu Yokota – Sentiero
Ichiko Aoba – Prologue
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Full Moon
YOKBARI – Fujin Gagaku
Tsukimi Dango – AOI
Eiko Ishibashi – we’ll live through the long long days and through the long long nights
(oto version)

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