16.09.2021 Bruits x Altered Voltage

Ben Sleia b2b All Trades
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Ben Sleia keeps one foot firmly in the dance at all times.

After years spent in dinghy warehouses and clubs, she’s got a raver’s sensibility and an intuitive touch of what it takes to make a crowd feel.  After regular sets at 24 Kitchen Street, Ben Sleia caught the eye of FOLD & Lobster Theremin and has contributed mixes to both series.

As a resident on Melodic Distraction Radio (Liverpool) & Refuge Worldwide (Berlin), and as a co-founder of women-led inclusive party ATHE, Ben Sleia uses her platform to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists with a view to diversifying the dance music scene.

Expect anything on the tastefully harsh left side, with a bent for the UK-centric: broken techno, hardcore, jungle, electro and techno.

This week, we celebrate the third birthday of Bruits on @melodicdistractionuk as well as the very last episode of Ben Sleia's residency on the station.

Ben Sleia is signing off in style with a mammoth five (yes five!) hour B2B with All Trades - who tf knows what they're are gonna play, all we know is that it's gonna go off!


Pushlock – Common Ground
Fels – Pigments
Analias – Escape
Wheez-ie – The Forgotten
DJ Shadow – Building Steam With a Grain of Salt
Danny Scrilla – Scared Waters
Instra:mental – Encke Gap
TMSV – Doom Clone
Kero & Valance Drakes – Centered Around Space Invader Attributes
Happa – Digital Recall
TSVI – Antares
Cocktail Party Effect – Clutter In The Attic
Death Grips – Runway N
Hudson Mohawke – Monte Fisto
Green Buddha – Green Buddha
Youth – A1
Doctor Jeep – Press F
Sega Bodega – Ghost
Special Request Floatation (SR Offworld Mix)
Sepehr Shaytoon – Neophyte Delight
Roy Of The Ravers – Phaelonacid 4 (Slow)
Ex-Terrestrial – Awaken, Arise
Bergsonist – Take It Slo
Kris Baha – Take Away My Greed
Boards of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
Nazar – Airstrike Ft Shannen SP
Madeofants – itsleeps (Marshall Applewhite is Slightly Jaded Mix)
8ULENTINA – girlblunt
Analias – Disengagement Condition
Code 61 – Drop The Deal
Death Grips – Runway E
Le Chocolat Noir – Tanka Linija
??? ??????? – }}}}}}}}
Cutting Room – Always Rock Dog Ya Mates
Sined Roza – I Don’t Know What It Is
Bufiman – Let Go
Coco Bryce – Luv Ain Ez
Tzusing – Digital Properties
Aleksi Perälä – Voyager
Dynamix ii – Just Give The DJ a Break
D3070 – Booster
Fhloston Paradigm – Chasing Rainbows
Sputnik One – Love from Above
Esther – Violine
Sputnik One – Microbead
Giant Swan – 55 Year Old Daughter (Extended Mix)
Danny Daze – Moscow (Etapp Kyle & Tarra Remix)
Neana – American Boy (Estelle)
Hassan Abou Alam – Breathe
Neon Chambers – Apollo
Anastasia Kristensen – Volshebno
Giulia Tess – 200417
20kPa – Procedure
Onsa Ossa – Mulholland
Aleksi Perälä – No Music
Skenghis Kahn – Breakthru Juice
Lara Sarkissian – BTWN Earth n Sky (aya Grounded Dub)
Doctor Jeep – Key Activation
All Trades – Not Phased
Ronan – Producing Tenderness
Aleksi Perälä – Multiverse
Hamilton Scalpel – Anti_Vibe (UK Compliance)
Neil Landstrumm – SOWAHH
Borai – Shadow Law
Zomby – Soundbwoy R.I.P
Enayet – Chokkor
Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy
Aloka – Inta
All Trades – Xuigt
Sputnik One – Michael Cera
Tim Karbon – Drowned Argonaut
Damscray – Reprezent
Glass – Quantic Blunt
Jennifer Walton – Flash On (Breaks Mix)
Fauzia – in for the kill
LMB – Jesus Dub
ZULI – Keen Demag
Death Grips – Runway H
DJ Deeon – Living That Teklife
FELIX – Drilling Company
AYA – I Will Not Come At Your Beck And Call I Am At Home Preemptively Mashing Up The Dance That Is Where I Am
The Untouchables – DFAM MESS
John Frusciante – Amethblowl
Lighght – Excruciating Brightness (Ode To DJ Netflex)
Ani Klang – m-Power
Don Zilla – From the Cave
Hyroglifics & AC13 – Mercy & Misery
Doctor Jeep – Tensão
Technohead – Happy Birthday
Gallery S & MoMA Ready – The Creation of A Universe
All Trades – Adrenalin