15.07.2021 Bruits

Ben Sleia & A.Fruit
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Ben Sleia keeps one foot firmly in the dance at all times.

After years spent in dinghy warehouses and clubs, she’s got a raver’s sensibility and an intuitive touch of what it takes to make a crowd feel.  After regular sets at 24 Kitchen Street, Ben Sleia caught the eye of FOLD & Lobster Theremin and has contributed mixes to both series.

As a resident on Melodic Distraction Radio (Liverpool) & Refuge Worldwide (Berlin), and as a co-founder of women-led inclusive party ATHE, Ben Sleia uses her platform to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists with a view to diversifying the dance music scene.

Expect anything on the tastefully harsh left side, with a bent for the UK-centric: broken techno, hardcore, jungle, electro and techno.

This month Ben Sleia is joined by A.Fruit for a guest mix!


Whistle – Churn
Squidbrain – Terror From The Crate
Mala – B
Despina – Form In Foam
Metrist – LB Steava
Giulia Tess – Cattiva II
Cromby – Qué Sientes
KEITO – Ao Zora
Jonas Palzer – Oblique
diessa – further and further and further and
Vina Konda – (-C-O-(O)P(O)-O-C-)
Void Vision – Sour
Louisahhh – Feral Rhythm
Boris Barksdale – Soft Ride
X Club – You’re Not On The List

Bell Curve – Memory Dropbox
Niko & Jonah k – antares
Alllone – something wrong
Imaginary Number – B Strange
Kimber – Raven
OMAAR – Ready
Outselect & Levice – Don’t Stop
Deapmash – Ballad 002
Granul – Oneshot
HomeSick – Dyslexia
Sam Binga & Addison Groove – Twank
Michelle Samba & Phil Mills – Blauw
Mondaine – Plants
Jacques Greene – 1 4 me
Bulu – For Real
Champion Sound – Olly Chant
Dolenz – Danko Crumb
Malfnktion – Talk ft Shayan Roy, Daisuke Tanabe
Senpai – Genetic Code
Metafloor – Creepin
Eastbound 1.2
Oddkut, MSTKS – Hypnosis
Bastiengoat – Hyvent
Thematic – 8758
A.Fruit – Don’t Try To Find Me
Cocktail Party Effect – Y_A_H_T_W (Original Mix)