18.02.2021 Bruits

Ben Sleia & Impurity
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Ben Sleia keeps one foot firmly in the dance at all times.

After years spent in dinghy warehouses and clubs, she’s got a raver’s sensibility and an intuitive touch of what it takes to make a crowd feel.  After regular sets at 24 Kitchen Street, Ben Sleia caught the eye of FOLD & Lobster Theremin and has contributed mixes to both series.

As a resident on Melodic Distraction Radio (Liverpool) & Refuge Worldwide (Berlin), and as a co-founder of women-led inclusive party ATHE, Ben Sleia uses her platform to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists with a view to diversifying the dance music scene.

Ben Sleia is back with a big B2b with fellow Berlin based DJ Impurity, one of her favourite DJs for some time now. Together the two cook up an absolute stormer of a mix!


Florentino – Colombian Flute
Source Direct Demdike Stare Remix
Dame Area – La Danza Area
aphtc – When Grounds Shift (The Otolith Is Obsolete)
Confidential – Jam The Frequency
Anunaku And Dj Plead
Ploy – Keys
JASSS – Gates To Nowhere
Omni Am – Space Horse
DJ Guy – Trk 2
Denham Audio – Retort
Benjamin Mull – Tuomari
Voicedrone – In Order
Pugilist – Regrowth
Dj Surgeles – Don’t Roll The Dice If You Can’t Pay The Price
Capsule Network – 84964 Interception
Ciarra Black – Elektrolytes
Impurity – Korina’s Drink
Claro Interlecto – Tone
Jerome Hill – Cutterface
DMS12, Aniosis – Heavy Water (Breaks Mix)
Gosub – Miami To Brooklyn
Distorted Drill & Phasz – Move
Placid One – Liquid Crystals
Pk – Ps In
Random Xs – Centrifuge
DJ Detox – Better Days
ELLLL – Housebreaker
Thugwidow & Bruised Skies – Void Release
Final Fantasy – Sometimes
Mad Dogs – Out
Filter Dread – Cave Bass
Om Unit – Runes
Pessimist And Holsten – The Riot Tune Type 1