02.09.2021 Born To Roll

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Tune in to the monthly edition of Born To Roll. After years of hard work, Dalema has locked down his unique sound fusing hip-hop, dubstep, grime, UKG, house and drum & bass.

Through Sessions Faction party's, studio sessions and radio shows, Dalema & Venture pushed the local bass music scene. Playing at top events like Chibuku, Eat Your Greens and the Magnet's infamous nights "Me Nan Loves" and "Basementality" placed them as pacemakers in a notorious scene.

Born To Roll showcases Dalema’s favourite music at present, both old and new, as well as showcasing the local talent that Liverpool has to offer.


TRG – Broken Heart
Genetix – Bandicoot
IpMan – Raindance
Cushington – Cheshire Cat
Botz – Monster Dub
MRK1 – Bones
LX One – Roll Out ( Feat. Frisko)
Noah D – Seeeriousss
Chokez – Madda
Kinzy – Hum!
Radikal Guru – Stay Calm (Feat. YT, Mungo’s HiFi Remix)
Sorrow – Pirate Banter
Squarewave & Sukh Knight – Way Of Life (Sukh Knight Remix)
Northbase – Acid Flashback

Dillinja – King Of The Beats
Marcus Intalex – Temperance
Sustance – No Love Loss
Bungle – Northern Dub
ED:IT – Brink (Feat. Lady Soul)
Commix – Faceless
John B – If You Need Anything
Scar – Hey You
Fluidity – Move On
Was A Be – Overstep