06.11.2022 Black Beacon Sound

Benny Maths
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“Expect our show to be as eclectic as our roster, with everything from funk to techno, blues to disco, hip-hop to house, and everything in between tearing up the turntables."

Tune in each month as Benny Maths and Priminho take to our airwaves, promoting their independent record label. Drawing talent from the cracks of our modern day society, Black Beacon Sound is a label that hopes to introduce the artists we love to the listeners they deserve.


Pulselovers – Dobbs and Clogg
Borghesia – Z. M. R.
Haunted Thoughts, Dreamless Nights Mix
CCCVVV – Some Velvet Morning
Lomond Campbell – Engineer of Fear
Oliver Cherer – Tension Piece
Reflec – Distant Shores
EMS Synthi 100 – Movement 6
Nightmare 4 – The Turn of the Screw Suite (Camp of Wolves – In Stone, Field Lines Cartographer – Barrow Wights on the Nook, Elsa Hewitt – Legend)
Photay – Peak Bandwidth
Nick Schofield – Travertine Museum
Salvatore Mercatante – The Garden
Brazil – Tvoj Svijet
Jorkes – With You in the Darkroom
Klanken – Drie
Nightmare 13 – The Beloved Suite (Amazinggaijin – The Strength Within, Drooping Finger – Lurk, Porter Brook – Del Dession)
Night Foundation – Breathless
Matty (Matthew Tavares) – Portrait of Amanda
New Life – Empty Streets
Yello – Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)
Nightmare 23 – The Canterville Suite (Ffion – Sodium Lamp, Fragile X – Reverie, Komischer Laufer – Die Kapsel)
Speaker Music – Of Our Spiritual Strivings (ft. Syanide)
Magic Drum Orchestra – Parade Skank (Blood Wine or Honey remix)
Mani Festo – The Fate of Us All
Carlos Puebla, Santiago Martinez & Pedro Sosa – Sun Sun Damba E
Nightless – Abemus Mind