07.02.2021 Black Beacon Sound

MF Doom & SOPHIE: A Tribute
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“Expect our show to be as eclectic as our roster, with everything from funk to techno, blues to disco, hip-hop to house, and everything in between tearing up the turntables."

Tune in each month as Benny Maths and Priminho take to our airwaves, promoting their independent record label. Drawing talent from the cracks of our modern day society, Black Beacon Sound is a label that hopes to introduce the artists we love to the listeners they deserve.

For their February show, Benny Maths & Priminho present an incredibly touching and carefully crafted tribute to two musical legends, who we sadly lost this year - MF Doom and SOPHIE.


MF DOOM – Coltsfoot Leaf
KMD – Peachfuzz
MF DOOM – Datura Stramonium
KMD – Sweet Premium Wine
MF DOOM – Vinca Rosea
KMD – Popcorn
MF DOOM – Dead Bent
MF DOOM – Red and Gold feat King Ghidra
Madvillain – All Caps
Madvillain – Figaro
Madvillain – Curls
Madvillain – Monkey Suite
MF DOOM – Beef Rap
MF DOOM – One Beer
MF DOOM – Kon Queso
DangerDoom feat. Ghostface Killah – The Mask
MF DOOM – Coffin Nails
DangerDoom – Crosshairs
MF DOOM – Peach Extract
J Dilla feat DOOM & Guilty Simpson – Mash’s Revenge
MF DOOM – Lemon Grass
MF DOOM – Rhymes Like Dimes

Evita Manji – 44th Cloud Lavender (SOPHIE Remix)
Analemma – Liminal Crisis
SOPHIE – Not Okay
SOPHIE – Hard (Rinse FM x DisMagazine Cut)
Flume – Voices feat. SOPHIE & Kučka
Jimmy Edgar – Metal feat. SOPHIE
SOPHIE – Faceshopping
Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love (SOPHIE Remix)
SOPHIE – Sunscreen
SOPHIE – Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin’ Remix)
Abyss X – Animosity (SOPHIE Remix)
Arca – La chiqui feat. SOPHIE
Vince Staples – Yeah Right feat. Kendrick Lamar
SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx)
SOPHIE – Whole New World/Pretend World