Live from Liverpool: WAKE UP! - Snoodman Deejay

22.01.2023 Behind The Daydream

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Behind the Daydream is the soundtrack to the life of a 22 year old lad, born and raised in Yorkshire, but now with planted roots in the Merseyside music scene.

Almost two years to the day since they last spoke on Melodic Distraction, Jobi is joined by Sean and Sean from Courting following the release of their debut LP 'Guitar Music'. They share stories from the last two years, new influences to their sound and an eclectic mix of tracks to support this.


Peel Dream Magazine - Not In the Band
Honeyglaze - Burglar
Life Without Buildings - Sorrow
Arctic Monkeys - Body Paint
two blinks, i love you - i love you
Wunderhorse - Leader of the Pack
boygenius - $20
Truth Club - It's Time
The Murder Capital - A Thousand Lives
shame - Fingers of Steel
Warmduscher - Fill It, Don't Spill It
The Orielles - The Room
Holodrum - Clean

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