14.08.2023 Artist Focus: Pablo's Eye

Liero Plantir
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Some artists leave a legacy that stretches far beyond a great single or a number 1 album.

Artist Focus is a new series hosted by the extended Melodic Distraction family that deep dives into the life and times of the musicians that have defined the sound of modern music. From the stone cold classics to the unearthed gems and forgotten B-sides, our community tribute an hour of music by a single artist that has had a notable impact on their life.

Combining sounds, texts, cultures and ideas, Pablo's Eye is a Belgian collective that meanders across many different mediums. Their music draws from many different places, creating dreamy and introspective collages in the process. After a prolific period of releases during the 90’s, they entered a two-decade long hiatus where their records sat beneath the surface of a vast musical landscape. Their return was marked most prominently in 2018 with a set of three compilations on STROOM. These albums reassembled much of their previous work, giving it a new identity and introducing them to a wider audience.

This episode is a musical accompaniment to an interview I did with the founder of Pablo's Eye, Axel Libeert. We traversed the life of the band from the early years in the 90's, up until the present day.


Pablo’s Eye – The Salmon Sings
Pablo’s Eye – El Barrio Gótico
Pablo’s Eye – L.A. Desert
Pablo’s Eye – Worship & Passion
Pablo’s Eye – Opina
Pablo’s Eye – Austin, Texas
Pablo’s Eye – Jaco 92
Pablo’s Eye – Prepare For The Others To Follow (Immersion For P.E.)
Pablo’s Eye – Next Morning
Pablo’s Eye – Roadsigns, Doorways
Pablo’s Eye – A Long Standing Dream
Pablo’s Eye – A Shaded Place
Pablo’s Eye – Memories of Trinidad
Pablo’s Eye – La Pedrera
Pablo’s Eye – A Way You’ll Never Be
Pablo’s Eye – Birds Flew South
Pablo’s Eye – Sonidos
Pablo’s Eye – Double Language