12.02.2021 Archive

Griff & Nick Posh
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  • 90S HOUSE

Brought together from different parts of the UK, the Archive fellas share a common passion – bringing people new music, and unearthing forgotten gems.

From lost synth-pop records found at the back of a stack in a record store, to the cutting edge of house & the obscurities of Zamrock, (and a healthy dose of 90s UK garage) Archive are cutting a new shape in the North West with their eclectic collections and fresh party series at meraki.

Tom, Nick & Griff are committed to bringing emerging artists to our corner of the North West. Going strong for nearly 4 years, they’ve been joined by the likes of Palms Trax, DJ Seinfeld, CC:DISCO!, Call Super, Sassy J & many more. Now an in-house promoter at meraki, the trio have a place to call home, and a venue to work hand-in-hand with at the heart of Liverpool’s underground scene.

This month, Nick Posh and Griff are back in the saddle with some floor-filling cuts of techno, 90s house and more. Tis Friday, after all!


Ducati Flux – Trash
Akio Nagase – Mongol 303
AURAGRAPH – Falling Spaces
Jamie Paton – Habibi (Jamie Paton Remix)
Hedonics – Who Are They?
Kincaid – Entrance
Sexy Merlin – See You In The Dark (Jamie Paton Remix)

Petaphysical – Protae
Ambionix – Waves (Espanol Mix De Bibi BF Edit)
Midnight Tenderness – Terme
Pluralist – Elate
Sprawl – The Contact
Peverilist – Roll With The Punches (Henzo’s Lurching & Crunching Edit)
Mark Archer – a1-2 a1-2
ロフト tapes – Exhale 気体化する

Jan Schulte – Wuhan Wuchang
Dubtribe Sound System – Sunshine’s Theme (Sunshine’s Remix)
Jex Opolis – Jexendirekt
Swordman Kitala – Kimbalagala (HUNA Remix)
Justin Robertson – Numerical Discord Swap
DJ BONE – E.T. Brother
Benedek – MACA
Manuel Darquart – Parkour (Medlar Timbale Dub)
AURAGRAPH – Vantages