09.10.2020 Archive

T-Mack, Griff & Nick
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Brought together from different parts of the UK, the Archive fellas share a common passion – bringing people new music, and unearthing forgotten gems.

From lost synth-pop records found at the back of a stack in a record store, to the cutting edge of house & the obscurities of Zamrock, (and a healthy dose of 90s UK garage) Archive are cutting a new shape in the North West with their eclectic collections and fresh party series at meraki.

Tom, Nick & Griff are committed to bringing emerging artists to our corner of the North West. Going strong for nearly 4 years, they’ve been joined by the likes of Palms Trax, DJ Seinfeld, CC:DISCO!, Call Super, Sassy J & many more.

Now an in-house promoter at meraki, the trio have a place to call home, and a venue to work hand-in-hand with at the heart of Liverpool’s underground scene. This month, the crew take us on a very lucky Friday 13th Scandi special - wafters, ja!


Gidge – Norrland
HNNY – Cheer Up, My Brother
Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation
Born Torske – Clean Air
Erik Skantze – Stargaze
Diskjokke – Flott Flyt
Raam – 7 (Skudge Rmx)
Laphec – Radulae
Cooper Saver – Pacific Visions
Ari Bald – Apollon’s Arpeggio
Telephones – Kanal
Christian Engh – Balkong (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
La Fleur – Right Behind You
Butch – Joe Le Taxi
Yourhighness- Sparta (Raam Marble Dub)
Skatebard – Stalheim-mix
Ivalyo- Elaya
Bella Boo – Hey Ladies (Vox)
Sturm Café – Discolied (First Edit)
Mind over MIDI – Imaging
Mental Overdrive – Lockdown
Lindstrøm – I Feel Space
¤ – ¤ (Track 5)
EOD – Eryx Lounge Acid
DJ Space Heater – Dernie D’Agostino
Biosphere – Angel’s Flight
MRD – Save Me Another Time
Lindstrøm – Really Deep Snow
Deathprod – OCCULATION 6
MRD – whiteflowers