13.09.2023 Arab Music Masterclass

Laura Marie Brown
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There are some voices that define a country's music. There are some movements that define a country's culture.

This month’s Arab Music Masterclass looks at Sudan’s music through the lens of one band, and in fact one album. Noori and his Dorpa Band released Beja Power in the summer of 2022 through Ostinato Records. The album and the band tells the story of the fight of resistance through people and a community. With an electric blend of modern soul, jazz, blues, country, and surf rock sounds with ancient Beja rhythms, this debut album by Noori and his Dorpa Band, Beja Power, acts as a rallying cry for a people whose complex histories have placed the community at the forefront of political change in Sudan. Liverpool Arab Arts Festival’s Creative Producer takes us through Sudan’s music, from folk tales to modern sounds, creative defiance and identity.


Noori and his Dorpa Band – Saagama
Dinka people of Abyei – The Tribe of Babo
Ganis Village, Berta Tribe – Al Shammasha. Waza-Ensemble
Emad Youssef Al Bareedo – Ana (The One I love)
Ibrahim Al Khaashif – Write to me, darling
Sayid Khalifa – My Motherland
Noori and his Dorpa Band – Jabana
Noori and his Dorpa Band – Wandeeb