14.06.2023 Arab Music Masterclass

Laura Marie Brown
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There are some voices that define a country's music. There are some movements that define a country's culture.

Join Laura Marie Brown, Creative Producer of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival for an Arab Music Masterclass, a series exploring some of the artists, sounds, bands and scenes that define the Arab world.

As Liverpool Arab Arts Festival celebrates its 25th birthday this year, we also dip into the archive to share some of our favourite tracks of bands who have played the festival.

This month, Arab Music Masterclass shares some of the greatest female Arab artists working today, and who have shaped modern music. It's also the last show before Liverpool Arab Arts Festival returns on 6 July, so hear from two artists playing the festival; Maya Youssef and Nxdia.


Maya Youssef – Jasmin Bayati: To An Earth Angel
Maya Youssef – Soul fever
Elyanna – Ana Lahale
Felukah – Egyptian Lover
Juliana Yazbeck – White Roses
Logik and Shadia – Mansour So Serious
Nancy Ajram – Ya Tabtab wa dalla
Nxdia – dopamine
Rim Banna – The absent one