23.06.2022 Arab Music Masterclass

Laura Marie Brown & Danny Hajjar
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There are some voices that define a country's music. There are some movements that define a country's culture. Join Laura Marie Brown, Creative Producer of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival for an Arab Music Masterclass, a series exploring some of the artists, sounds, bands and scenes that define the Arab world. First, it's the Voice of the East, the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthumm

The soundtrack to Disney+ Marvel series Moon Knight has made Arab music fans take notice. When you’re into Arab music, you’re used to films and TV shows from the West using traditional sounds when they want to tell you they’ve moved the action to the Arab world. Not so with Mohammed Diab’s Moon Knight where the soundtrack reflects the rich diversity of Egypt’s music, past and present.

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival’s Creative Producer Laura Marie Brown talks to writer Danny Hajjar about representation in music, mahraganat and seeing your culture reflected on screen, while picking favourite tracks from the soundtracks and the music scenes they reflect.


DJ Kaboo Arab Trap: Made in Egypt
El Melouk Ahmed Saeed Ft. 3enba & Double Zuksh
Salka by Hassan Shakosk feat Wegz
El Daynasour by Islam Chipsy feat EEK
Hesham Nazih, Summon the Suit, Moon Knight Soundtrack
Hesham Nazih, Constellation, Moon Knight Soundtrack

Dannay Hajjar’s piece in The New Arab:
Electro Chaabi Documentary 2013: