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15.12.2022 Altered Voltage

All Trades
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Once a month a dense fog descends over Liverpool, sparks fly within. Echoes of Amens thrown against the wall clatter out over the Mersey.

Fast paced electronics & acid-tinged rhythms are the score for the Altered Voltage transmissions. Helmed by All Trades, producer & DJ based in Liverpool, fans of the harder edges of dance music need look no further.

Electro, Jungle, Dubstep & the odd slew of Gabber are brought together with a keen ear & deft touch. One finger on the controls, one on the pulse. All Trades presents new & forthcoming material with a scattershot of his own unreleased experiments.

Hit play & enter the fog, dislocate your brain & feel the bassweight course through your circuitry.

All Trades is back for December with new jungle, techno and a couple Xmas edits in the mix!


Stefan The Storyteller – A Nightmare Before Christmas
Zaliva-D – 上路星星 Shang Lu Xing Xing
Wisdom Teeth – Kiss Me, Can’t Sleep
Mumdance – Jazz Excursion
Otto & Axl Von Schirach – Que Bola Santa
Impurity – Rack
Zaliva-D – 昏寿锵锵 Hun Shou Qiang Qiang
Facta – Ditto (Dorisburg Remix)
Lurka – Machine
CASE & TMSV – Superspeed
LWS – Now That´s Focus!
Ragdy – Cut Loose
U.R.Trax – biosseum
Pyramidal Decode – A1a
UVB – Assassination Techniques
JSPRV35 – Roque Da Houz
Jeff Mills – The Jingle Bells (Iban Zero Remix)
DAGGA – Keep Going
JLZ – ÁREA 4 (Bem Vindo)
Nick León x Luca Durán – Joga Bola
DJ Neytiri, silént phil – Havoc
Clouds – Braincellz
Mumdance – Artificial Intelligence
Hidden Element – The Wall
Pearson Sound – Around In Circles
Etch – The Creeper
Fracture feat. Eastman – 0860
Coco Bryce – Welcome 2 My Ass Boy
Tim Reaper – Give Me More (Sully Remix)
San Regret – Inner Child
Perc & Million – Rotopod
Clouds – Spider Opal
Flaminia & VSK – Tenebra
Homemade Weapons – Open Water
DYL & DB1 – Conquer / Divide (Part 1)
Ben Grim – Dogz On Da Set
Etch – Seeoux
York – Ordnance
Henzo – Survivorship Bias
Plaid – Wide I’s
Hellfish – A White Fishmas

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