Live from Liverpool: THE ONLY WAY IS UPITUP - EA Moon & Isocore

18.08.2022 Altered Voltage

All Trades
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Once a month a dense fog descends over Liverpool, sparks fly within. Echoes of Amens thrown against the wall clatter out over the Mersey.

Fast paced electronics & acid-tinged rhythms are the score for the Altered Voltage transmissions. Helmed by All Trades, producer & DJ based in Liverpool, fans of the harder edges of dance music need look no further.

Electro, Jungle, Dubstep & the odd slew of Gabber are brought together with a keen ear & deft touch. One finger on the controls, one on the pulse. All Trades presents new & forthcoming material with a scattershot of his own unreleased experiments.

Hit play & enter the fog, dislocate your brain & feel the bassweight course through your circuitry.

After months of collaboration, All Trades and Prieste5s present From The Depths, a celebration of Transatlantic Exchange and the legacy of Drexciya.

Prieste5s joins the Altered Voltage show with a guest mix showcasing her influences. Mentor of the project and Detroit techno legend AbuQadim Haqq selects some seminal records.

Catch the debut live set from All Trades and Prieste5s and the culmination of the From The Depths project at Eastern Bloc on Drexciya day, 3rd September.

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