11.09.2022 After Words

Aiden Brady
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After Words is a monthly foray into the haze where art renders the mystic and the mundane intelligible. Each month Aiden brings a different artistic focus or guest to the show. A one hour excursion to leave you thinky. 

Aiden is back for September's show with an ambient mix into electronica.


Yes – Sound Chaser
Lucy Railton – The Critical Rush
Caterina Barbieri – Broken Melody
Joy Division – 24 Hours
Bloedneus & de Snuitkever – Milli Mille
Cranberries – Dreams
Unearth Noise – Sleep Well, Sweet Friend
Victor Jara – Te Recuerdo Amanda
Carl Stone – Mouram
CCCVVV – Some Velvet Morning
Grainne Hambly – Celia Connellan, The Rectory Reel
Yukata Hirose – Study For Scientists