09.01.2022 After Words

Aiden Brady & Sam Batley
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Join Aiden Brady for After Words - a dedication to the word, both spoken and written. 

Each month Aiden invites a different guest to pick a book for discussion on the show, offer up some of their best chat and share some of their beloved music too. Bookended (woah) by gentle nattering and music to start your Sunday in cruise control.

Maybe we’ll learn something! Maybe we won’t! Maybe we’ll laugh and cry at the same time standing in the toilet bowl!? Wait... what?

Aiden is back for 2022 with another cosmic coalescence, a rumble from the chasm, a chirp from the pleasance. This month he's joined by Manchester based multi-sensory artist Kelly Jayne Jones. Kelly's work combines performance, installation and sound and together her & Aiden have a lovely open and meandering chat, the end result of which is bang on Sunday morning listening!