05.07.2023 Africa Oyé

Paul Duhaney
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  • SOUL

Following yet another successful and unforgettable event celebrating the diaspora of African music in Sefton park, Africa Oyé is back on Melodic Distraction Radio...

With a mixture of live recordings from last year's festival, interviews with artists and organisers, as well as plenty of guest mixes and live sessions along the way, the Africa Oyé radio show will be a reflection on what has happened and what's to come in the future. Africa Oyé prides itself on being the largest celebration of African music in the UK. Since beginning life as a programme of live events in venues throughout Liverpool, Africa Oyé has built a loyal following.

Looking back to last month's festival, the first hour relives Butcha and Don Doopy, with G33 b2b Hannah Lynch live in the second half.