We've Reached the 60% Mark On Kickstarter - Just 3 Days To Go!

We've just passed the £20k mark and we're inching closer towards our all-or-nothing target of £35,000. There's now just 3 days to go and we need all of your help to make it over the line.

Thanks to all our backers so far. We can't believe that over 300 folks have pledged their support over the past 27 days. It really means everything to have so many people standing alongside us who want to see this project happen.

With just under 72 hours left on the clock, it's a race to the finish line. Please help us out by continuing all your hard work; share the project out far and wide, shout about it on your socials and tell yer friends!


Closing out the Kickstarter (and the year) with a Quiz!

Tomorrow night, we're hosting a socially-distanced get-together in the form of our now-annual Melodic Distraction End-of-Year Pub Quiz. It's sold out but for those attending and looking to bag some last minute Christmas bits, there's a chance to cop some Melodic Distraction tees, totes, caps, jumpers, prints and more! All the money raised from the quiz, the merch stand and our raffle will go straight into the Kickstarter.

For those who can't attend, there's still every chance to enter the raffle...There's loads of great prizes up for grabs, including;


£50 voucher at Maray
Meal for 2 at Meatless during Veganuary
 1x MDR community tea towel
 1x MDR tote bag 
 1x MDR 6 panel corduroy hat
 3x MD print 
 1x Neil Keating print 
 1x MDR radio masterclass
 1x month’s supply of coffee at our new gaff

Click any of the prize names above to enter the raffle!

It's been a weird ol' year, let's go out smiling!