The Chats - The Clap

Aussie punk rockers The Chats are back with another no holds barred EP ready to melt your eardrums quicker than you can say "throw another shrimp on the barbie."

The self-described “dropkick drongos from the Sunshine Coast of Australia,” offer up the first single off their highly anticipated debut album High Risk Behaviour. The Clap EP delivers more of the vulgar lyrics, thrash guitar and classic Australian dialect which has seen the band take a meteoric rise since the release of 'Smoko' in 2017.

The release comes after guitarist and vocalist Eamon Sandwith dropped the track 'I Hope Scott's House Burns Down' in response to Australian PM Scott Morrison going on holiday during the country's catastrophic bush fires.  The track is punchy, short and sweet (well maybe not sweet) and, like the rest of their growing discography, offers humour along with the music.

The band clearly look to the past with their stripped back take on punk rock which, in a world filled with a lot of over produced dross, is certainly refreshing. Potentially not a record to play in front of your Nan but one to certainly blast out your speakers the Queensland boys have once again succeeded in delivering great punk rock and long may it continue.

High Risk Behaviour is released on 27 March. You can pre-order it here