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SheBeKeke - Ephemera

Griot City Records & SheBeKeke present Ephemera, a new album fusing spoken word & music from multi-disciplinary artist & poet SheBeKeke.

SheBeKeke likes to turn her poems into songs and has been making waves in the Manchester spoken word scene for a long time. Her previous works, Moonwhile and Abecedarian, showcase a mixture of poetry and sound. Her sound has been referred to as “gospel folk”, but this is far too simple a description for the unique ways in which she combines musical elements from a variety of different soundscapes and the lyrical prowess of her spoken word pieces.

Her latest release, Ephemera is an exploration of femininity - namely, an attempt to capture those many fleeting moments that float away then form the female experience. Inspired by a collection of her poems, SheBeKeke has collaborated with producer Tom Leah (aka Werkha) and riveting cellist and vocalist, Abel Selaocoe, to explore her shifting femininity. The album finds SheBeKeke in fine form, as her poignant, biting lyrical critiques of society and its expectations of femininity are deftly delivered, underscored by Leah & Selaocoe's excellent musical accompaniment, which imbue SheBeKeke's rich lyrics with further emotional depth. And if that wasn't enough to whet the appetite, the work will be also accompanied by a digital zine titled I Am Phem via ISSUU.


Ephemera is out now via Griot City Records - you can cop it HERE.


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