Roots & Influences: Fine

Roots and Influences invites our favourite artists, local and afar, to curate a playlist of 10 songs that have inspired their career to date. In the run up to his gig in the Kazimer Stockroom and release of his 2nd EP "PACHAMAMA", Fine has curated a collection of 10 tracks that influenced his career in music and beyond!

Hugh Masekela - Grazing In The Grass

I discovered Hugh Masekela after the recent passing of my Grandad. He had a massive classical collection of records (Mozart, Beethoven etc.) However, amongst these sat the album ‘African Horns’ by Masekela he had brought back from one of his trips out there. Although this song doesn’t feature on the album, it’s a nice thought picturing him in armchair, newspaper in hand and this as the backing track; the Joyfulness has inspired many of my recent creations.

Caribou - Home

A beautiful flip of Gloria Barnes ‘Home’. Caribou is an all-time favourite and the way he can effortlessly blend electronic music production techniques with soulful acoustic instrumentation on this record is beautiful to hear.

Bonobo - D Song

The word ‘Bonobo’ sat in my notes page for roughly 12 months after it randomly came to mind one day. The word finally uncovered itself when clearing out my room as I found a mixtape with his name on my parents had created for me when I couldn’t sleep as a child. D song is my favourite offering from this project and Bonobos use of textures and percussion has more than likely sub consciously slipped its way into all my own productions.

Llorca - The Novel Sound

This was my first introduction to jazz chops meeting dance music. A masterful blend of tasteful house music by Llorca just hits the nail on the head for me – perfect summer, sat in the park with a beer type tune.

Ross From Friends - R.A.T.S.

From a production standpoint it taught me a lot about making a song interesting with the use of textural elements. Coming from a background in guitar, a performer can use complex harmony to make a song interesting. In this song however, the two simple chords are made interesting by the constantly evolving modular sounds that differ on every repeat.

Burial - Archangel

Burial transports the listener into his world with this record and shows how important atmospheric sounds can be for the authenticity of a piece. With the Metal Gear solid sample heard throughout, the vinyl crackle and haunting London Tube howls and screeches make this an emotional record that’s true to the UK.

Alle - Den rette vej

I saw Ciel close her set with this tune in Leeds where she described it as more of ‘a synth pop record than a dance track’. It still has an incredible danceability and is such a joyous and summery track.

Finley Quaye - Your Love Gets Sweeter

A beautiful song and album from my parent’s collection. Another one where emotion in the vocals takes the reigns and sets this record apart – enjoy best with a morning cup of tea.

Mr Jukes, Charles Bradley - Grant Green

Mr Jukes (aka Jack Steadman and front man of Bombay Bicycle Club) provides a beautiful flip of Grant Greens, ‘Ain’t it funky now’. I’ve always loved the old school funk and soul records for their guitar-based grooves and this modern take by Steadman combines that passion for the old and merges it with the new –This is accompanied by one of my favourite music videos of all time. Watch here:

Inflo - No Fear

The hitmaker behind Little Simz ‘Point and Kill’ and ‘Fear No Man’ has released this singular tune on their Spotify. The Raw energy encapsulated in this track is second to none and a perfect DJ set closing track.

Be sure to get your tickets for Fine's gig at the Kazimer Stockroom on the 18th of February (MORE INFO HERE) and keep an eager ear out for the release of "PACHAMAMA" on his socials! @fine_music__


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