New Releases: The Thief Of Time - Pavement Soul (feat. NIIX)

Manchester-based artist and producer Chris Massey delivers an "an electronic-funk-mutant pop attack on the senses" in 'Pavement Soul (feat. NIIX)'.

The track is the second single from Massey's new The Thief of Time project, whereby cosmic electronic soundscapes reflect on his personal experiences and the characters that have been present alongside them.

'Pavement Soul' is written about an individual seen regularly by Chris on the pavement of a retail park, asking for spare change. From these interactions, he would "always wonder about his life and his background, where he had come from, the choices he had made... it's a seemingly sad existence that I don't think anybody sets out to achieve, or maybe they do?"

The single also sees Massey teaming up with artist, producer and member of the Melodic family, NIIX. Her ethereal pop vocal enriches 'Pavement Soul' with an angelic presence alongside its synths and glitches - perhaps a comfort and a guidance speaking to the song's subject matter.

By supporting this track, you'll be helping to tackle Manchester's homeless crisis, as a donation from initial sales will go towards The Mayor's Charity - so there's even more reason to support the single as part of today's Bandcamp Friday.

Listen to 'Pavement Soul (feat. NIIX)' on all streaming services now, and support the release on Bandcamp here: