New Releases: Rudi Creswick & Ni Maxine - Dark Days Are Done

Liverpool-based Neo-Jazz artist Ni Maxine and producer Rudi Creswick carve a path for better times on new single, 'Dark Days Are Done'.

Having played bass for a number of iconic UK Soul and Jazz artists (including Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Puma Blue and Jorja Smith), Rudi Creswick now hones his production skills with this latest solo offering, in collaboration with local artist and Melodic Distraction Radio host Ni Maxine.

Hailed a ‘Black Woman at The Forefront of the UK Jazz Scene’ (Black Ballad), Ni Maxine sparks intergenerational conversations for change, exploring themes of home, identity, self-esteem & belonging. Her conscious & political lyricism has taken her to the main stage at Africa Oyé (sharing the stage with the legendary Seun Kuti) & the EFG London Jazz Festival.

Drawn from different corners of the UK, Creswick and Maxine provide a glowing example of the brilliant things that can happen when people join forces for a greater purpose. Ni's vocal flutters serenely over the track's bass-driven groove, her free-flowing lyrical style shining profoundly over Creswick's warm production. Amongst the title's mantra, Ni Maxine vocalises our "shared experience, more than we know... cut from the same cloth, we are one... that's why they divide... we cannot let them thrive".

Speaking about the single, Creswick and Maxine note: "[people are] more similar than we care to admit and should come together to stand up for our collective rights and freedom. We don’t have to accept the way that things are. We can change the world if we stand together. Join the movement."

Catch Rudi Creswick and Ni Maxine across the UK on their Dark Days Are Done Tour throughout October 2023, including at LEAF (Bold Street) on 23rd October.

Listen to 'Dark Days Are Done' on streaming platforms now.