Live from Liverpool: MORNINGS WITH - Danny De La Bastide & Mia Mai

New Releases: Lazygirl & Tonia - Soft Focus

Lazygirl joins forces with neo-soul artist (& MD Mornings host) Tonia for her latest single - a dreamy Altpop banger which marks a triumphant return to releasing.

Pieced together in Lazygirl's bedroom and refined at Bob Mackenzie's (Real World Studios) flat in Liverpool, 'Soft Focus' is the artist's first self-release in two years after her time as one of LIMF Academy's 'Most Ready' artists.

The track is an accumulation of the glossy sounds that are synonymous with both Lazygirl and Tonia, whilst observing the toxicity that comes with infatuation. The paranoia, the ruminations, and the intrusive thoughts, all observed through a rose-tinted, Vaseline-covered lens. 

Check out the single on Spotify here:





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