New Releases: January Left - Jensyn

Liverpool-based artist and producer Jensyn returns with 6-track EP January Left - an ode to reflection, reinvention and the restrictions we place on ourselves.

From the lockdown release Blue Tinted to last year's genre-blurring orchestral soundscape I Wanna Be There, Jensyn has proven themselves as a shapeshifter between many genres.

From these influences emerges January Left - a 6-piece opus taking listeners on a journey through the sanctity of Jensyn's innermost thoughts. Through smooth vocals, a wash of intricate guitar voices and syncopated drums, January Left tracks the movement of time, with virtuosic basslines acting as a homing beacon through tempo and time signature switch-ups. Jensyn's brand of dream pop dips its toes into prog, but refrains from any mind-bending pretentiousness some folks associate with the genre.

Jensyn's lyricism is at once relatable and otherworldly. From conversational second-person reviews in 'Pressure (There Is)' and 'Time', to poetic phrasings in 'Still' and title track 'January Left', the EP's words demand to be sat and thought about.

Listen to January Left on Spotify here: