Midweek Movers #071: Selected by Lils

Yep, we’re here again! Purgatory, limbo, the netherworld that is the Middle of the Week. 

But fear not - this is where we step in with a handful of delightful ditties to fend off those Wednesday woes! So put that coffee cup down, plug your earphones in and take a step outside. 

Hand-picked in-house and by our hosts, these tracks have only one common denominator: to release that dopamine. And if you dance hard enough, it’ll soon be Friday… 

This time, we chat with Liverpool-based DJ, Lils! From house parties to some of her favourite venues, you can catch Lils mixing across Liverpool and her hometown of Wiltshire. Here's what she said about her selections:

"I’ve chosen songs that remind me of warmer months in summer compared to how freezing it is right now. These songs remind me of festivals and hot days at home with my friends. They feature mainly female vocals, with lots of jazz, funk and piano to make it as uplifting and bright as possible. Moving to Liverpool influenced my taste massively, now listening to way more house and other types of dance music, which you can also hear throughout the tunes."



|| LILS ||